Thursday, October 23, 2008

Day 166

i've never experienced an autumn quite like this. there's mountains all around and cool, clean air flows through the small streets and around the corners of brick buildings, carrying in its breeze a tame and established maturity. through the bustling of workers in their small snowboard stores and novelty shops along the downtown main and the buzz of the locals and their constant replaying of snowboard movie productions, i can tell that the valley is preparing for the coming influx of snow, winter residents, and visitors. i like this place. there's one of everything that deserves such. one mcdonalds. one best western. one tim hortons. simple stability.

i was feeling restless this afternoon so i went up for a cruise around town on a longboard to get some air and to carve the streets before the coming snows blanket everything. all this happened in a fashion that happened to last the exact length, from leaving the house to coming back through the door, of an eleven song playlist on the ipod.

one of the guys at this house, scott, is the hotel manager of one of the big resorts on the hill- one where visitors will pay a minimum of four hundred bones a night to crash during the snow season. after going to the snowboarder's for Christ Bible study, five of us went up to the quiet and massive log hotel and he unlocked the hot tub. in the shadow of the mountain and the quietness of stars and tall pines, we sat around and talked about books and faith and had a good chill.

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