Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Day 150

that's a solid number. the day.

there's been some events i've been able to become a part of over the past month, even as a relative stranger pertaining to this church and community. during youth group meetings and a dairy queen gathering, the candidate, who really in all honesty had nothing to prove to me in these circumstances, impressed me with answers to questions of my peers while also challenging and inspiring my own walk. in a church that i was informed to be 'conservative' and 'mild' (i gathered this much after the itchy perfume and slow, rhythmic sway of the music and folk inside.

the guy gave insights about truth and the transitionary method that's required to help shift a congregation's expectations from receiving a pleasing amount of Biblical preaching and theology to a realization that their exact seat in church and overall approval of a sermons' appeal to senses isn't as important as living a life in a total manner of pursuing the way of Jesus.

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