Saturday, September 13, 2008

Day 126

mossy morning breath of mt. rainier ntl park pours through the sunroof and in from the open widows. our car weaves along the rising mountain paths and thick forest. the three of us are headed to the highest vehicle-accessible point of mt. rainer equipped with our respective canon hdv and dslr cameras.

crisp mountain air rushes down from the glaciers. i'm glad i wore jeans, even though the day was warm and cloudless. dozens of tourists in bright colors are easily distinguished from day tripping hikers in boots and mountain packs. senior citizens drift in cars, peering out from under plastic visors and goggle sunglasses.

steam, or some sort of smoke, is softly and noticeably present at the peak of the volcano. jeremy and i both mention it, but parker continues to dismiss this as a cloud- a cloud that doesn't move or become any less present as the day continues. i have one of the pictures on the top of the site right now. it might be hard to see cause of the letters, but i'll try to put some more pics up soon.

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