Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day 117

i am trying something new. hard as it is to switch, i think this decision refreshes both word and process and thinking ability. i am speaking in present tense.

here we go.

there's a late afternoon light shining off the lake and through the blinds behind this bed. i stumble out to the hall and the two of us drive to the up and coming house to work. we continue to mask paper and tape along the doors and trim and windows in preparation for painting. the tape runs out so the project is paused and we meet parker's dad at home depot for pickup and a quick lunch at costco.

work is good.

i make a quick decision and go to a bank of america. inside, i wait in the chair and watch an employee, a middle aged lady in a purple blouse, nod her head and answer questions of her current client. she has a strong gaze and i imagine that this, along with her steady flow of words, is either a result of many years on the job or a small set of cue cards on the brim of the bearded fellows hat.

she finishes and greets me by name. i've just driven back to the bank after setting up an appointment and dropping of parker at his appointment nearby. she is kind and i feel that same intenseness firsthand from this side of the glass. several minutes later, i exchange and deposit some canadian currency and am on my way with a new account.

mount rainer dominates the clear afternoon sky. roads with the names such as 'youwood' and 'thatsnough' road flash past amidst tall trees and forests. there's a bible study we're headed to at a house along the waterfront facing the mountain. i'm introduced to a new group of people around a platter of crackers and meat, cheese, and salmon, and we watch and discuss a documentary about miracles and healing evidence and prayer and children. gold dust and gold teeth. jewels and restored hearing to strangers.

another interesting day. i may have some good news to deliver tomorrow.

that information will have to be anticipated in future tense for now.

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