Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 140

happy birthday dad.

deep blue skies and a warm sun made me rethink long pants today. i only brought pants with to portland, but there was no evidence of fall weather in air today.

there's a blue tarp that is pulled out for larger meals. the group of us sat on the floor, crosslegged because there isn't much furniture, and ate banana pancakes made by one of the girls next door. there's a trader joe's grocery and produce store across the street so i went to buy and supply maple syrup in appreciation for their hospitality when i head that there was none left in the kitchen. after pancakes and jack johnson in the background, we went two doors down and had some very good fried eggs with another group of friends. sharing.

parker and i wanted to see portland today and a couple of the people we're staying with, who are also new to the area although they now live here, came along as well. we drove to the top of a smaller mountain where, in the crispness of the day, we could see mnt saint helen, mnt adams, and mt rainier all in the same skyline. amazing. mnt hood is here as well, but we didn't see that until the way back.

now, tonight, after a dinner of salad, large chucks of olive bread, and cheese, i sit very content and looking forward to tomorrow.

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