Saturday, September 27, 2008

Day 139

friday, september 26, 2008

i missed the post by an hour, but i'm in portland right now staying with people through i didn't want to put that out there until it was a done deal, and now it is and they're cool people. there's a group of people living at an apartment complex that looks like a renovated motel in the south east part of the town.

in conversations and introductions we met chuck, twenty years old and moved here from minnesota. there are about five or six other people in the group, also mostly from minnesota, who are all in their early twenties and who joked about taking over the apartment complex, which they are well on their way on accomplishing.

out of nowhere, one guy started playing a third day song on the guitar and, although they gave no previous spiritual hints, he said he likes the song. this lead to further discussions and we've invited them all to church with us on sunday when we will attend imago dei. a couple are already have said yes and we discussed spirituality vs christianity in the later hours of the night. they have a strong community and, out of human kindness mostly, share everything they have with each other- including strangers like me and parker.

not a bad start for a 'random' couchsurfing encounter. we plan to stay two nights here with these people and they are very kind, generous, and interesting.

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