Friday, September 5, 2008

Day 118

i woke up from a nap a while ago. before that, 6:30 am was the earliest i'd been up this whole summer. i think that's why i liked video and media so much- work late and sleep a little longer in the morning.

i feel comfortable in my own skin. i might have said that before, but i'll explain it more in a second.

our group of us guys from camp, who have since all split up for the next couple months across canada and the pacific northwest, got approved for the house in fernie that we'd been working on getting the entire summer. i don't know what we'd do if this house hadn't worked out. good work tyler. he's our band manager cause in the group of an american, two new zealanders, and an australian, he wrote and called the right people in canada to make it work.

since camp just ended and the couple hundred staff emptied out back across north america, there's always a bunch of friends popping up on the sketchy facebook chat. most everyone is back home, in school or career, and it seems that they find themselves suddenly looking forward to the end of what they've just begun.

i am twenty. there's been surprised people who think that that's young and others who've thought it old. it is what it is. this morning as daybreak sparkled in early morning mist, i hauled and spread gravel at a site and paused to wipe sweat and to acknowledge the distant mountains, rising above the horizon of the water. 'man, here i am. if i could have seen a year ago that i'd actually get to go to the west coast and live and work and make a bunch of new friends, i wouldn't have had the first idea of how to start. thank you God, this is good.'

don't follow the crowd.
make friends and get involved in communal websites like facebook, couchsurfing, craigslist, etc.
learn as much as you can in your spare time.
don't be afraid of the man, but don't blindly work for him either. corporate retail. cough.. cough...
take school for what it's worth, but don't take it as the entire source of information and perspective.

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