Monday, September 15, 2008

Day 128

where to start.. sometimes so many good things happen and it's hard to know where to begin.

we went downtown seattle for the afternoon yesterday with jeremy. my ipod freaked out again and erased itself so i stopped by an apple store for my 'ipod appointment' i'd booked. my name was on the booking list on the tv and everything and in the end, the mac fellow gave up trying to fix the hopeless cause and gave me a brand new one.

the three of us wandered around the pike place market and i practiced photography. they throw fish around and chant and i saw them drop one. i was right there and have a good picture to prove it. i'll add it to the list of promised pictures sometime. blogger has been bugging when it comes to putting pics in posts lately so i'll try to get that worked out. i'm thinking of creating a photography website cause i haven't put hardly any pictures on this blog or facebook yet and i have some good ones.

anyways, the headless fish slid between the feet of an older man. everyone got excited and the animated, tattooed worker chuckled with the cluster. the whole market scene was really busy and i couldn't imagine having to do regular grocery shopping as open mouthed and fanny pack toting yuppies slowly grazed through the seafood and fresh flowers. we soon met up with parker's cousin, another jeremy, and crashed for the night at his apartment nearby. before this, i'd happen to wander into a chill looking coffee shop, cliche for seattle but who cares, and spent my last crumpled bills on a coffee. there was a piano on a makeshift stage towards the back and after the counter girl asked if i'd gotten any good pictures, i asked the brown smiling eyes about what it takes to get to play one night. after shuffling some papers and confirming some quick facts with another barista, she handed me a paper with booking info. i might look into that. the gig.

we woke up at 6am this morning, day 128, to get jeremy, the australian, back to the ferry. afterwards, parker and i drove back up to the deserted market. denizen unloaded flowers from trucks and i ordered a coffee in the original, very first starbucks. we were the only ones in the place at the moment, but apparently after nine a.m., you have to fight to get your stuff. i found the process quite peaceful and, actually, got a free coffee after the barista screwed up my order. free coffee from the most original and demanded place in the city. good start.

this energy lasted me the rest of the day. until right about now. we got back and i mowed the lawn and have been working on a landscaping project at this house for the last six hours. i've had some real food now and sit here, ready to continue to edit the hundreds of pictures of the seattle skyline at sunset and the market and everything else.

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