Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Day 136

i'm coming to a new crossroad. here's why.

in a few weeks, i'm headed back into canada to move in with five other guys into our house in fernie to live for the winter. that's the plan. it still is. i just need to get a work permit from canada upon entering and can do this either north of here or from the point by fernie. i do need a job confirmed in fernie first for a permit. i've sent some resumes and have been talking to a person on couchsurfing.com who lives in fernie and says she some work hookups and is talking to people for me, which is huge. couchsurfing.com people are usually really cool. this situation has been no exception. fernie is used to this kind of traffic- international young adults coming to work and live for a season in the town. i'm finding that it's a pretty popular thing and we have housing confirmed, which i've heard is the biggest part

if, for whatever reason, canada won't let me in or the work permit situation doesn't work out, i've been praying about the next step. portland is alive and well and ready as a backup. just the thought of natural citizenship and a cool place to be is a much more stress-free alternative. not to mention the realization of those late night road atlas moments.

i'm not making any changes in plans right now. i've been so blessed and confirmed in each step of this journey so far that i'm excited to see what will unfold, either way, in just over two weeks.

a man who owns a multi million dollar home and a bunch of assets was telling me today about how concerned he is about the economy. he explained some of the housing situation and the mess that it's caused for the market today and the people on the news couldn't stop talking about it either because it could turn even more serious. another guy from australia team was catching up and telling me about college life at texas a&m. the conversation eventually fell to money and time and life. everyone's feeling it.

for now, i've been doing some reading and continue to pray about these situations and futures as i continue to landscape outside in the bright and cooling weather.

i just thought i'd throw that entire update out there. hmmhm

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