Sunday, September 21, 2008

Day 134

there were nights when, after getting home from work at the sporting good store, i would sit in my front room 'office' and fold through the border's bargain road atlas i'd impulsively bought and plotted a path west to oregon.

this coming weekend, my friend and i are planning on going down to portland to visit a church called imago dei. don miller talks about it in a couple of his books and goes there himself.

today, this morning, we both went to his parent's church. i followed the scent of itchy perfume into the building to find that both the style of music and format of service compared to church back home in patterns of choir songs and overall style and flow.

a couple days ago, one of the guys from the australia team said hi after getting back from a conference. before he left, he shared a verse in encouragement.

church happens all the time.

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