Thursday, September 11, 2008

Day 124

he had a drawing of an ear tattooed on the inside of the forearm. this was at easy street records in downtown seattle where a plaid shirted worker was making recommendations to us in the local artists section. vinyls, both vintage and new releases, filled isles and isles of neat plywood shelves, which isn't as contradictory a description as may seem, along with thousands of cds and sections of music memorabilia. i had a beatles mug in my hand at one point, thinking of green tea and coffee and the times where i could use a good mug, but decided against trying to stuff one more thing into my already filled backpack. i have about a quarter of my belongings with me in washington. in a hiking backpack. the rest are in a duffle at a friend's in canada, waiting for the move to fernie.

before the record store, parker and i had picked up an australian friend from camp. the three of us chilled around seattle and at one point took some cool skyline pictures at a location where dozens of tripods and photographers were already at work. after hearing about some columbian coffee house, we drove a few blocks to visit el diablo, where i beat jeremy in checkers. twice. there was a good atmosphere and coffee and an all around good time.

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