Friday, September 19, 2008

Day 132

there has been a lack of focus on this blog the past few days. i apologize for this. i've been putting in some extra work outside on the landscaping job because it's suppose to rain soon. most of the posts of the past couple days have come just after a shower or minutes before passing out for the night while fully clothed in jeans and a fresh tshirt. i've been doing that a lot lately- sleeping in pants because of weariness.

i've been talking to some fernie locals via and one person has offered help in finding some work. people are good.

during today's hours of sweating and riding the tractor up and down the steep hill to get loads of mulch, i thought about burgers. bbq burgers. to my delight, as i spent my last ounces of energy spreading one last load, my friend's dad, who's an awesome cook, asked from the porch if i wanted burgers tonight.

after a fulfilling dirty, i'm a good tired and contentedly full.

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