Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Day 381

a shower and a decent breakfast are awesome. it's been a while since either and i was almost starting to get tired of smelling like a lumber yard and feeling like survivorman. but there's something to be said about the joy of being unrubbed. i'm clean and calm now in this montana coffee shop but i realize that i felt especially sharp and aware and happy while wearing dust. maybe this is the reason certain smart kids in junior and senior high school never shower. that and the grimy mustache might have been a big part of the reason they seemed so advanced. the metamorphosis is complete. try it.

here it is. the list. this isn't the last post but i've got other things planned for the next few days. over the past few weeks i've started trying to recall the names and events of the ways that God has provided over the past year. it's impossible to draw the line and thank everyone by name and i'll probably be adding more connections but this will at least give you an idea on how things have progressed thus far. thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you.

:the list:

shawn kelley, rockford illinois; tells me about qwanoes.

maywood missions committee pays transportation costs to vancouver island (and provided return fare which will be used soon).

mom and dad; rockford, illinois, let me go without either of our understanding my ''feeling for something more afterwards.''

dan and sherry bader, surrey, bc; give ride (and lunch) from airport to ferry

qwanoes roommates tyler, matt, brendan.

russ smith; nick and ryan rest of video crew.

shaun, paul, tim became new, good friends at camp.

dave clark and his car

wesley dong, the camp cook who would leave late night packages of food in the fridge marked 'for joe and friends.'

kirk anderson and family. epic breakfast. host shaun, paul, and i for the three days off midsummer vacation.

kent anderson. gives fernie tips. former professor to pastor shawn barden.

parker gohrick. a brother.

ken and gail gohrick. house. work. wisdom. second family.

sarah and chuck are our hookup during a weekend in portland.

eric able to bring me my snowboard gear from home on his way through washington to kaleo bible school.

shawn kelley's friend dillon picks me up after initial border rejection, offers place to stay.

kirk anderson. lunch in usa and stay at his house after getting through border.

shawn, danielle, dan, and sherry. night and dinner with them in surrey.

andrew and adam. load car and drive to fernie.

andrew's parent's frequent flyer miles that gave us two free nights at the best western.

fernie fellowship baptist church. pastor shawn barden.

marion offers janitor job during announcements and i get position and paperwork.

jeremy and jesse offer temporary stay until we move into our place.

veronica gives me one-way lift to cranbrook for s.i.n. number.

the first hitchhiking experience of what would become many scores a ride with alex on the way back to fernie.

jeremy, jesse, scott, and jez for sharing their house and helping us get adjusted in town.

housemates and friends tim, tyler, jon, shaun, adam, and paul for their stellar and unique personalities and community.

shauntelle puts fifty dollars in my palm a couple sundays later explaining that her blessing have become mine. so clutch.

randi gives me thirty dollars in grocery cards for my birthday.

tim gives book and twenty bones for bday.

bethany franck and family hosts our house for christmas eve and her father says that 'he would hope someone would do the same for his child if they were away from home for christmas.'

ian becomes friend and was always generous and kind to everyone.

the tea house partnership for weekend music in exchange for free coffee and that day's tips. pays groceries.

scott hooks me up with two days jackhammering work at the resort.

scott helps me get piano gig at 4.5 star resort via hotel owners.

montana girls melanie and melody and jenna are introduced at a birthday party in whitefish.

melanie lends me her keyboard and monitor for the winter.

the montana three show ultimate kindness and generosity every time we came down to visit or snowboard.

bob at the pawn shop sells me accordion for one hundred fifty bones. our band starts soon after because of accordion and mel's piano.

jeremy, ian, dion, and i get weekend gigs where we play shows for ski bums, locals, and friends. church janitor job provides key and access to practice space and gear.

jeni offers me clutch events volunteer job that gives me free ski pass. would have hardly been able to ride if not for this.

tyler lends me one of his extra snowboards for the winter after mine breaks.

keith from guild invites me to writer's workshop.

jerri at mug shots hooks up coffee and chocolate milk at the coffee shop and teaches a unique appreciation of the english accent.

bruce and snowboarders for christ let me sleep in sfc house the last night in town.

crystal gives ride from fernie to kelowna at end of march.

karen's kindness and hospitality will never be forgotten in kelowna.

tyler offers two week stay with him in maple ridge near vancouver.

stu, wendy, and jesse wilson.

stu is super cool.

wendy is super cool.

jesse is super cool ten year old.

video guy ryan from summer and i meet up in vancouver and offers stay at his place.

phil picks tyler and i up once on the island.

eric and his family take my winter gear back home and drop me at ferry in victoria bound for port angeles, washington. leaving canada.

glen and andrea pick up my hitchhiking self and take me as far as poulsbo, washington.

gail gohrick picks me up at a ferry.

ken gives me a few days of work and asks me to speak at youth group. good connections.

parker comes back and we head into seattle.

jeremy lets us crash at his place.

parker, andy, cole, robert, todd, and jason welcome me into their house and i sleep on the front porch couch in portland for the month.

parker hooks me up with bike for pdx transportation.

craig and son spencer give me a hitch from cannon beach to portland and turn out to be christians with much in common.

ken gives parker, me, and robert a couple day's work at his house in washington. and more awesome food.

ian, nate, melody, and jeremy pick me up in seattle for sasquatch music festival at the gorge.

melody and parents provide breakfast and much needed shower.

melody, adam, and amy become the ride to illinois on their way to a wedding in chicago. perfect timing.

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