Saturday, May 23, 2009

Day 377

another sunny day and eight-plus hours of work. feels good to be so tired.

steak, hamburgers, hotdogs, bbq chicken. we sat around with this family of whom has really become a strong second or third to me. we were outside for hours, literally, eating and chilling and telling stories well after the big dipper had hung its ladle in a black sky and the frogs where chirping lullabies up and down the lakeshore.

the first edition of these few following lines were once used in a print. that would have been months ago by now but for some reason the words came back to me today. it was something about being cared for more than birds.

not coins or fear or what bothered me before
if i am faithful, i am more.

birds on wire never forgotten
and if my own heart were mine, if i were still rotten

i'd find no peace in what i've dreamed.
but because these birds fly and are always seen, i have life. i can be free.

p.s. i may not have internet tomorrow night. we'll see what happens.

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