Friday, May 1, 2009

Day 355

there's something that needs to be said about last night.

first we rode our bikes to 'last thursday' where hippies and portland's obscure specialists congregate on the last thursday to sell their hand made jewelry, crafts, art, and food. there were some protests for immigrant rights and then some slow motion dance-fighting. and dollar hot dogs. i don't know how many vw vans hugged curbs along these blocks.

it's also a tradition to dumpster dive. i have fond childhood memories of this activity and about ten of us met up to go to the university of portland campus late last night. yesterday had been the final day and move out was today so the area around the dumpsters were filled with decent furniture, a bike, and electronics. there were three, boxed, brand new pairs of nikes, dvd drive, sealed non-perishables, shampoos, and a ton of other usable things that had been abandoned that afternoon. one of the guys in our group found an unopened birthday card that still had twenty dollars in it- this was that kind of dumpster. after well over an hour of searching the campus security came around and very casually asked us to leave, saying we could take whatever we had found thus far.

so. that was late last night and early this morning. it seemed worth mentioning.

it especially was worth mentioning since what i was going to put up isn't ready yet. for most of the day i read and wrote in palio's or with the other guys on the front porch. i also found that no amount of dried apple chips can counteract hunger. in fact i think they aid hunger throughout a day. all that chewing. anyways, after a group dinner we headed to a cinco de mayo party with people in the imago dei college group.

i wanna show you one of the coolest things i've seen in a while. you'll fully understand why this is so after about two minutes.

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