Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Day 359

mount tabor is an extinct volcano cylinder in this south east section of portland. it had come to mind when i awoke outside this morning and parker and roommate mark both agreed to go for a ride there. we packed some books and rode as far up as we could until we walked our bikes along the hiking path. it reminded me of clawing through the snow on polar peak [pictures] except today we were sweating and had bikes.

we had brought some books and i picked a stone table in the center of a cathedral of towering trees for a reading spot. after an hour or so we cruised down and did whatever else we were meant around town.

later parker returned home from work only minutes after leaving. they didn't need him tonight. the timing was bad, however, because he's been concerned about paying rent. i remembered conversations with tim on our fernie front porch about how we felt that we'd want to be generous with our money if we were ever to become rich. i'm not sure why that little thought swung up and around but it did when i noticed him making popcorn so parker and i walked to the twenty-four hour hot cake house to chill and get some food. moments and opportunities like these are the greatest times to practice helping others and it was a good vibe to be able to sit and talk about spirituality and people and to also observe the interesting patrons who also enjoy late night breakfast. i only tell this in order to encourage you to look for a way to help someone out or encourage someone with what you have on your right now.

by the way i started working on putting together a new header image. somethings a little wrong with the one up there right now but don't worry. a new one is on the way.

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