Thursday, May 7, 2009

Day 361

the long setting sun warms the west-facing parts of the neighborhood. everything seems to be square because of this and only the one side catches the light and falls highlighted into place between the vivid blue of sky and between the breezy greens of trees and bushes and lawns. we're on the roof chilling and every once in a while a car or bike will pass and wave. a few even say hello and we shout back before they're gone again. i can see parts of the stout portland skyline over and behind the treetops. this is a skyline that is unbiased and indifferent to your acceptance or rejection of your distant judgements. less than impressive towers may be a good thing and i think this is taken as such by so many of the mellow people that live here.

parker and i went to see laura gibson and damien jurado play tonight at the doug fir. i'm sure that means nothing to most people but that's okay. i'm telling you this in order to tell you that these things are good things. the lower lounge is dimly lit between walls of solid logs. the floor tiles towards the back are lit from underneath and the area in front up by the stage is an open concrete floor where we sit. good vibe.

so here's the deal. i might be heading out tomorrow for the coast. i might not. i'll have to see how the weather is, etc, but if there are no posts for a couple days then you know why this is happening. they will be filled in when i get back. if it happens like i said it might. and if it happens like i says it might then happy birthday mom when you read this post on friday the 8th.

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