Friday, May 8, 2009

Day 362

this sentence is the proof that i didn't head to the ocean. i'm sorry. it's really become hard for me to plan but it's still a huge possibility. anyways, happy birthday mom.

i did go for an early morning bike ride. after waking outside i showered and hopped on a bike for the grueling uphill trek. after some time at a friend's coffee shop i headed to powell's to spend a good amount of time reading and chilling and watching people cross the burnside sidewalk through the cafe windows. today was the first clear and sunny day here in a few days.

there was a student art show tonight that one of the housemate's school was involved in so we all rode our bikes there for some standing around and musing and light discussion on each piece's impression and technique. actually i think we made most of our art knowledge up on the spot for fun. but i was fun indeed.

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Renegade Pilgrim said...

The reason our blogs look similar is we used the same layout! :) I live in PDX, if ya ever wanna grab coffee and compare notes on travel, let me know!