Sunday, May 31, 2009

Day 385: the appendixes

elton john's song 'rocket man' has been stuck in my head all day and i haven't yet determined what exactly i want to make of life back here.

i drove with this tune to church this morning excited about seeing so many long lost faces again. it turns out that i was the long lost face and some even claimed to have not recognized me at first. almost everyone offered hooking me up with a razor to which i politely affirmed that i already have one. i have a few, actually. dusty, and probably rusted by now too.

i'm definitely looking forward to start meeting with friends for dinners and coffee and lunches. let's do it soon, i'm currently unemployed!

most everything in the city seems physically normal except for maybe a new walgreens or some flashy corner market. but there's a new energy in seeing and relating with people. this morning was a blast. then there was an afternoon of badminton and chilling with friends and then a solo drive along a massive, midwest sunset. however it's impossible to forget about the sun's final resting spot at the edge of america.

i hadn't driven since my license expired in late february and now i was on the highway for the first time since and controlling my own momentum underfoot. i went through my old neighborhood and past the lawns of my old customers and past the high school and college. everything looks the same and still everything is different to me. the little camera in my mind is taking pictures all around town. fresh eyes.

by the way, i've got just over one month to get into shape for a pitching tryout with the mlb. i'm going hair and all- despite all heavily assumed standards.

here we are

devil's lake fall 2006?

devil's lake fall 2007?

and rock cut state park yesterday

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