Monday, May 18, 2009

Day 372

there's a pretty big flat roof warehouse right next to the house so last night we had the idea to pull our blankets and sleeping bags and get on over. we slept there, discreetly, under the stars while downtown portland sparkled across the river. euphoric, man.

i saw the north west neighborhood of portland today and ended up at a cool tea place that had a balcony. good times.

on the way to chill solo at powell's bookstore i noticed about three or four different people aimlessly walking and talking at the air. each person paused after making eye contact but would just as quick pull their glazed stares away and continue their stroll and bizarre monologue. funny how you can't wonder why so many people talk to themselves without inevitably catching yourself in stride and asking the air 'why so many people walk and talk to themselves.' whoops.

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