Saturday, May 30, 2009

Day 384: the appendixes

maybe doing something for three hundred eight-three days is a hard thing to stop on the dime no matter what the day or occasion. especially when i feel that nothing has really ended. i also appreciate the messages asking about the future of the blog. i leave that up to you under two conditions: there must be something relevant to be said about the transition to familiar life here and there's gotta be someone who wants to read them.

i am home though. and tomorrow i'll go to my home church and see a bunch of people who i've missed and who maybe have missed me. i'm kind of excited and am hoping that it'll be worth recounting.

today after the montana friends had left for their chicago wedding i met up with two of my best friends here in rockford and we went on a bike ride through the state park. i miss biking and it reminded me of portland. now a few of us have cooked out and shawn's front porch reminds me of portland. the big dipper does too, although i've watched the stars many times recently from various shores and mountains and cities and rooftops.

but enough about places. the only place i am for now is home. and i'm starting to see that, not surprisingly, not much has changed but most of all i'm starting to feel that there's never going to be short-answer justice done for the questions on what has happened. but that's okay, i guess, because i figured that this would be the case a while ago.

but anyways, i'll be seeing more rockford people soon. tomorrow. and this week. and for the rest of you all over the world, well, keep a weathered eye on the horizon.

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The Joshua Field said...

been a hell of a journey!
just promise not to forget the adventure of life!