Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Day 380

the highway opens into short green alfalfa fields and rows of manicured grape vines and brown dusty rows of plowed soil and i start to realize that nothing is really happening now that we've left our camping spot in the dusty grass. this van-hyped road trip is just miles until suddenly the momentum of speed and moving and friends shifts in my mind to thinking that anything can happen and had happened and is happening right now. add some tunes to the understanding that anything else is possible and that you're in a car with friends and books and the road trip vibe is suddenly alive and well.

we are all also amazed and proud of ourselves that none of us smell bad for having not showered in several days. at least we think so. now, after much driving, i have a surprise.

i am back in fernie, bc, canada.

i never expected this, really, and it's kind of trippy to suddenly come back in a brand new season after having closed this chapter in my mind just about two months ago. but ian and nate and melody had left from here for the festival and this is where her car is so we're back to grab the vehicle and head down to montana. nate has also given me one of his recently cut dreads as a remembrance present. i'm going to use it as a bookmark.

fernie is just as beautiful in the late spring as it was in the late fall. i went to the organic market for coffee and to say hey to the owners. classic. and there's someone new living in our house, although i didn't care to go see the flat.

this geographic symmetry is awesome. i never thought i'd be back so soon, albeit for a couple hours. some of us are headed for montana tonight.

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