Monday, May 25, 2009

Day 379

over a year ago i had to write a twelve page, final research paper on bigfoot for a college english course. it almost killed me. think about writing four or five pages on proving or disproving sasquatch. now triple that amount. man, it was bad. but my classmates and i had joked about skipping class and flying to washington to find him ourselves and avoiding the drudgery of debunking the mystical creature. ironically, then, i'm now able to say i found sasquatch. in washington. he exists in the form of thousands of people (mostly hippies) camping next to a vineyard and attending a three day music festival at the edge of a massive gorge. the sasquatch music festival.

the third and main stage is backed against a massive valley where a blue river cuts through the gorge. euphoric beauty. the crowd faces the stage in a colosseum-style seating of escalating levels of grass berms elevated by rocky ledges. almost like switchbacks except they're parallel and grassy.

i got the set list from one of my favorite bands blitzen trapper. the fleet foxes were stellar. ben harper was the closing act and played with the passion of a man counting grains of sand whilst sucking an entire lemon. that's the only way i can describe the intenseness. there were so many other good bands and i'm kind of disappointed that i only went to the last day. such a good time.

i've got a surprise for tomorrow.

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