Friday, April 10, 2009

Day 334

plans. although i'm not really that kind of person, i feel that i should at least share some options for the near future. these are all valid possibilities for the time right after visiting vancouver island in just a week's time where i'll see my friend eric from illinois. i choose a list format for presentation.

- go to noah gundersen concert in seattle, washington with friend parker. spend a couple days there and then head down to portland for a little bit with him in order to check out portland state university and look for potential jobs. he's got housing and says he might be able to get me a part-time job very soon.

- go back east through canada with eric and possibly right through fernie with eric and spend a couple days visiting friends there and playing piano in the resort where john cusack and mgm movie crew are staying while they shoot the highly anticipated 'hot tub time machine' movie. the world simply cannot wait for this film to come out.

- go with either of the two above options and then meet up with friends in montana for the sasquatch music festival in late may in eastern washington. i've been excited about this option ever since i first gazed upon the weekend's lineup, although we would only go to saturday. then melody, my montana friend, is driving straight to chicago for a wedding and we would road trip it.

- go with either of the first two options and then head to colorado to meet up with an old friend/mentor kind of guy and also see my cousin graduate the air force academy.

after these options are an extended list of potential things. i'll call it a dot-dot-dot list.

... commit to doing photography for a friend's wedding in canada and for anther doing music in illinois.

... pursue the california job for the latter half of the summer. still a buzz in the works.

... i watched college baseball on t.v. this afternoon. illinois vs michigan state. i decided i would like to play college baseball again at whatever level it may be.

i could be forgetting something but that's it for now. i'm doing this to hopefully relieve the questions in all of our minds.

hey look, we're only thirty-one days away from a whole year.

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