Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 338

the ski hill in fernie closes in a couple days. it's been two weeks since leaving our house there and today as i stood halfway through the continually open sliding porch door tyler and i realized that this amount of time has passed surprisingly quickly. in a couple days we'll head to vancouver island and he'll come back home for just one more week before heading back to work at camp again for another entire summer. that's pretty intense.

i'm really thankful that tyler and his family are willing and used to having people over for little stays. there were a couple of swedes that were here for two months and their pictures are sprinkled around the house and their stories are recounted often. the couple weeks i've spent here have been a good debrief period from the winter and previous movements. this mindset led me to upload and imbed that slideshow for yesterday's post. it's almost been one year. and by the way i promise action here will pick up soon. some cool things seem to be appearing for the future.

right now i want to show you something else. it's something i did the other day with the same momentum mentioned above and i thought you might be interested to see it as well. here, it speaks for itself.

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