Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Day 353

hey, remember last week when we went to the noah gundersen show and got to sing onstage? these people did. check the second picture and the guy directly next to noah gundersen.

lately i've been all over the place with words that get strung and tossed night after night on this blog. sometimes i really want to tell more of a story or give details for other things but that hasn't happening too much lately. other times i just mirror a few actions and steps and places. for instance some recent conversations with people and friends back home have been really inspiring and more than complementing. thanks for that. it's cool to be able to share vibes on life through the different kinds we have been living. i wish the whole scene could be shared.

but i'm glad to be getting a groove in portland. there are so many past places now that have become familiar and even more people who have become like floating third and fourth and seventeenth homes.

if you're in the greater chicago area i have some great news for you. noah gundersen is playing one show at north park university. no joke. he only really plays the pacific northwest but he's got a connection there. tomorrow night (thursday) at 7:30 at anderson chapel. a friend from home is going to be there and these small connecting factors are just another of the many that have been alive and growing during all this.

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