Sunday, April 5, 2009

Day 329

the sun has been out all day and the high is sixty three degrees fahrenheit. the cats are all on the porch under the glass table and the sliding door is open to the kitchen and breathing a lumber scented spring into the brown and classy interior of the house. tyler and i just got back from church where one of last summer's speakers is a pastor.

he and i had done the wrap up video work together and, as i did with all the speakers, we'd gone down one of the challenge course elements just after he'd finished giving his talk into my camera. charlotte mentioned yesterday that one of the other summer speakers that she works for sometimes mentions me in his talks.

all these little life details are growing in coherency in the days nearing one year's time and whose ultimate and sweet adventures are now starting to seemingly come around full circle.

finally, tyler's ten year old brother was hanging out this afternoon and we found a baseball glove. then a ball. then i agreed to take him and his neighbor friend to the schoolyard and the three of us played ball for over an hour. sunday afternoon and sun and baseball. pretty sweet.

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