Sunday, April 19, 2009

Day 343

i've been back at camp for four days now and initially only knew a couple of the kaleo students. besides eric, there's a guy who was on the cambodia team during the summer of 2007 when i led the australia outback team and both our teams were often together at meals, the challenge course, and then at debrief in malaysia. you guys from aussie air who read this will no doubt remember ben. he's here, too. isn't that nuts?

last night ended between five and six a.m. this morning.

and i don't know how to explain it but even after four days i've experienced some deep sadness as these good people left. i never tried to join the group but things clicked so well with the people here. it was awesome. real. these are good people and i regret not having had the chance to have known them more. i mean it.

and so this morning people are hugging and crying and praying and i'm saying goodbye to people as well and i mean it more than even back in august when camp wrapped up and adventures were fresh and there were feelings that i'd see many of those people again soon. but today it was their eight-month, solid community breaking apart and in a very small way that shouldn't be under or overrated i felt like i'd known them for so much longer.

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