Monday, April 6, 2009

Day 330

chilly skies and a surrounding of close mountains remained a reminder of winter just over a week ago in fernie. now, six hundred miles later, the sun is shining strongly on the west coast and shorts and t shirts and sun glasses are the perfect accompaniment for a day exploring a movie set in the forest and a crystal glacier lake. tyler and i met up with a couple of friends from last summer's camp and the four of us drove with the windows down through the thick, moist air of canopied roads in golden ears provincial park. there's some movie being shot there and after leaving the parking lot of trailers and crew trucks we came upon different locations that had been set up with keno flow lights or other scenes and props.

the icy lake water was freezing and we waded and threw rocks at dead log stumps poking out of the blue. we poured a little packet of raspberry flavored drink powder onto the clear surface and drank flavored glacier water straight from the source.

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