Friday, April 3, 2009

Day 327

man, i feel some pressure now that i'm outta fernie and the blog visitor indicator is rising. more people are reading. i already miss you guys back in fernie.

i was chilling around this afternoon and reading when some reminiscent thoughts sprung randomly. the spine of my book lowered and the cubs and yankees broadcast on t.v. faded away. fernie, from its layout to friends, was an unprecedented little existence. now i can understand how removed people didn't understand life in that place. it really doesn't fit with anything normal after leaving that little valley. now i could walk for an hour and not find a coffee shop. i don't even know how to start explaining and comparing all these ideas, but i can feel the entire philosophy of life start to shift back now that places like wal mart are no longer out of sight sores from the entities of that small ski town.

but this current change is exciting. i remember standing outside the greyhound station yesterday and realizing that i'm neither nervous or uncomfortable with this next step and corresponding change of scenery. the big city. the suburbs. rush hours and the evening news. tomorrow tyler, some friends from last summer, and i are hanging and exploring vancouver and there are plans to meet with the rest soon following.

tyler has a ten year old brother and we play games and hang out around the house. his dad and i played scrabble today after a sushi dinner. his mom is cool and they all tell stories about the two swedes they had stay with them for two months just a short while ago. i've yet again been presented with another accepting place with cool people and in a new place and and thankful and blessed.

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