Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Day 332

remember the video guys from the summer? there were three of us. nick, ryan, and me.

i began a bit of a solo mission this afternoon. tyler told me what buses to hop and i met up with ryan near vancouver. he's been living with nick, who wasn't currently around, since the summer ended and works as a freelancer for different churches and organizations including 'power to change,' the group formerly known as 'campus crusade for Christ.'

he picked me up at the bus/sky train station after five o'clock and the eight month gap since finishing our summer's work seemed quite insubstantial. it was definitely cool to hang again and reminisce a bit about the summer and to talk about what we've been doing and learning over the winter. more than that, ryan is a pretty eclectic and intellectual dude so conversations are always profound and valid. culture, art, spirituality, music, writing, books, more music, freelancing, and etc.

and he reads this blog, so i'll save him the trouble of looking up the parts about himself by just adding an additional thank you for the visit and chill time haha.

i'm meeting tyler back again tomorrow. he's coming into downtown to run some errands aand we're meant to meet at chapters, a borders book store canadian version, in the morning.

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