Thursday, April 16, 2009

Day 340

tyler and i took a morning bike ride and caught a short ferry across the river to meet up with a friend from camp. we chilled with josh outside of the bistro that our friend kirk worked at before heading to england and eventually getting robbed. however he's back on track, i believe, since his dad has visited him there.

tyler and i caught a ferry to the island later in the afternoon and now everything's coming back in a strange and familiar and interesting way. the ferry. the terminal. the arrival. highway. trip. the camp. the dorms. eric from back home.

it was dark and i found eric and met a bunch of the other kaleo peep quickly. surprisingly some of them knew me before i knew them. everyone gathered on the porch for worship and a steady rain fell across the camp. everything was so familiar. it was a weird recognition. eric was playing guitar and singing but the woods here smelled distinctly wet and unique as they first were almost a year ago. this is a strange combination of familiars. i revisited the building with that familiar keyboard. it'd been nearly a month since touching any keys.

eric and i did a little bluegrass jam at the end with a violinist and people were dancing around and we talked a little about the past eight or so months but, once again, everything seemed so strangely familiar. i don't know how to explain it any other way. two familiar worlds connect in a not so familiar way. and it feels normal as if things haven't been different or distant. i don't know.

it's sweet meeting the other kaleo people. seamless, almost.

they're doing their big final group outing tomorrow so i'll wander camp and the island a bit. eric's parents arrive tomorrow night for the graduation so we'll probably hang out. like i said, this is an unexplainable combination of two worlds that, for lack of a better term, feels strangely familiar and in tune with the momentum of all this.

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