Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Day 374

i'd written a whole different post at palio's this afternoon but got distracted while looking through old files. the following are old thoughts and i like them now more than ever because they've somehow found their way into what has become all this.

friday, april 18, 2008

[to be free]

bring to the shore the power of the ocean to forgive this mind of a selfish life
stand beneath the shadow of a mountain to be made small apart from my spiraling stride

bind these eyes with the silky stillness that only stars of midnight give
shine through the wild with the deepest silence that man himself barely lets live

show me the beauty thats been twisted up in a lie
let unravel her mystery, breathing warmth from the sky
lift up my vision higher than your blind ever see
give me the life, to be free, that few longer believe.

monday, january 14, 2008

[semester 2]

we have options. we have convenience. we have time. we have life.

we have dreams. we have reasons. we have plans. we have plans.

we are unified. we are distinguished. we are separate. we are whole.

we are searching. we are finding. we are surprised. we are surprised.

in the rush of our fleeting youth and amidst the creation and exinction of relationships and the little parts of ourselves we try to hold together, i want more



i will learn of and seek this during these days that now lead to warm weather.

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