Friday, May 22, 2009

Day 376

it's a little strange sleeping inside again. there were only five times while in portland that i wasn't either sleeping outside on the front porch couch or beach side during the cannon beach trek. even weirder still is that i've returned for the third time in the past year to 'my room' with the gohricks in washington. i literally keep work shoes here for these moments. so convenient.

we worked over eight hours in the sun wheelbarrowing and pouring concrete, moving mulch, and doing landscaping. we've got one more full day tomorrow and me, parker, and robert are all thankful for the couple days' work provided.

i love how the geographic cycle has been repeated in rhythmic symmetry. i spent almost two months here before going to fernie back in the fall and was here last month before going to portland. now we're back to work and i can feel the tide ebbing out again.

there'll be some surprises over the next few days. paths. people. places.

get ready.

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