Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day 116

woke up today and went to work. my friend and his dad are building a house and i helped with preparing the trim for painting by putting down tape and paper along the windows and floors. it felt really good to work. i was surprised, a little, to find such satisfaction and joy in this, but everything is looking good.

after this, we took brendan back to the ferry so he could get back to camp. on the way back, we met up with one of parker's friends and we went to get pizza in downtown tacoma. the city changes from block to block-ghetto, suburbish, ghetto, suburbish. interesting. the pizza was great. also, we got wind that there was a seven eleven that stocked arizona sweet tea. this had been an impossible commodity to come by in canadia. we found some. awesome.

i saw mt rainer today. very nice.

i'm starting to find it harder to keep up on posting. good things are happening though.

i've been editing several hundred pictures from the last few weeks. they'll start making appearances here and on facebook soon.

thanks for reading.

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