Saturday, October 11, 2008

Day 154

i had no cash today, so i went to the safeway where i was told i could get cash back with a debit card purchase. the store was busy and the lines were full with saturday evening grocery getters. i joined them in the checkout lines feeling foolish that i had nothing in my hands. the people around me started to notice, i think. my plan was to buy a pack of gum- seeing that if i had used a different bank's atm at this point, they would charge me an equivalent fee, so why not get gum out of the situation. however, the gum was still at the front of the line. way up there.. the lady in front of me turned around, looking me up and down and, seeing me grocery-less, kindly questioned if i wanted to budge her in line. appreciating the awkwardness of this whole moment, i thanked her and slide past her cart towards the front.

i needed the cash back for a show tonight in centralia. noah gundersen. he's a local musician whom i've come to discover and admire and he was playing at a coffee shop/venue built in an old warehouse. the environment was sweet and the cover was a cheap five bones, so parker, two other friends, and i went. the last weekend before the big move.

tomorrow is my last full day in washington. i'm heading up to vancouver for a few days on monday and then making the big trek to fernie a couple days later. arrangements and correspondences have been going well regarding work, but the last two weeks of october will determine, for certain, the final destiny of the winter in fernie.

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