Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 254

i left my computer at 'home' in fernie for the midweek trip to montana. i don't think you've fully met the montana crew. their numbers in context and potential does vary, but here's what's been going on the past few days.

melody picked me up in eureka on monday night. ian, an australian friend and band mate in fernie, offered to drive me this one hour distance and she came up to fetch me and to meet up with the other two guys, tim and nate, who'd gone down the morning before. it should be said that the girls in the montana crew are fun and very generous people. melody was recently an actress in a performance of the play 'chicago' and works at a coffee shop and a sushi restaurant. she does yoga too and taught us some moves.

jenna and melanie share a basement suite across town. i had no idea that jenna was a professional specialist of some sort of hearing equipment but she showed us an ad in the paper for the office she works at. her picture was there with the subtitle specialist, impressing us all. melanie is a college student who just moved in with jenna and has been long time friends with melody. hopefully they're all cool with this little bio. i'm sure it'll be sweet. i need to start introducing more people.

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