Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Day 261

after a long and icy and cold month the snow has returned. tomorrow's riding will be prime.

this book finally came in the mail today and i sat in mug shots and felt the powdery fresh cover and smelled its flawless pulpy musk. part of the introduction about journalism and some explanations of the recent domination of non-fiction over fiction and i came across a line that paralleled with a recent thought about the beauty of america and the massive landscape it possesses.

"americans are lucky enough to be living in a place which, in relative historical terms, is breathtakingly important, not just militarily and politically, but also culturally," says michael lewis. "the stories we tell about life in america have a universal appeal that stories from no other place have."

i sat in the coffee shop with the introduction and preface, a section i rarely read in most books, and was overcome with enough inspiration and excitement about all this and what i was finding in the pages that it made further reading impossible to accomplish.

and we've been having several band practices in preparation for a show this saturday night.

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