Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 256

melody's place is on the lower part of 'big mountain' ski field in whitefish. all the trees are covered in a light layer of white. frosted powder clings to every branch and fir and trunk. we'd gone snowshoeing the other day to take pictures and hike and even brushing a drooping bough creates a coconut shred-like dusting.

this small apartment is only a couple minutes drive to the lifts so today tim, nate, her, and i headed up with two free passes we'd received. we figured that two could go at a time and we'd swap gear in order so that two could ride and two could read and chill in the day lodge. then we'd switch back.

tim and i hopped on a lift. from the top the entire valley below was in an inversion and the heavy, soupy grey cloud covered everything but the surrounding distant peaks in a clear blue atmosphere. from the top of the highest lift we could easily see glacier national park and its solemn mountains jabbing well above the cloud line. the air was strangely warm today and after a few runs of shredding down the mountain, i brought the canon 40d up for some shots before a final and careful ride down. pictures to come either here or flickr. give me a few days at least.

tonight we headed home though. gravity silently pulled the car down the mountain and towards the highway. darkness is full upon us and the responsibility of music choice is in my hands. tim was driving and we turned a black, looping corner and i put on the new coldplay album because i know tim likes it. the town of whitefish lays sparkling below in straight lines of orange dots and i almost changed the song to 'chicago' by sufjan stevens for reasons that some of you may know, but viva la vida was well underway and i wondered to myself in the passenger seat if music and writing were two different languages of the same inspiration. the coldplay cd had special meaning to tim just like other songs, like sufjan's, have for me, but in that moment i was glad to decide that inspirations and favor in any quality experience could be set by music or just as easily matched and infused by certain written word.

so now, i'm back in fernie. i've caught up the past few days on this blog as well as i can remember at this moment, although i know that things like the stellar team dinners created each night and the many side adventures will go untold. but not forgotten.

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