Friday, January 2, 2009

Day 236

the convenience store across the street sells a 'one' scoop ice cream bowl for a dollar fifty. when its all said and done, the actual amount received is more than i've ever seen a baskin robbins or any ice cream place in the states dish out for anything less than four dollars. ice cream is still appealing in the wintaer.

just like swimming. all the pools and hot tubs are open and steaming at the decks of the resorts on the hill. more powder fell today and the hill was swarming with the last batch of holiday weekenders. a few feet off the slopes, kids ran across the pool deck and did cannonballs into the warmed water.

i've gotten a free board from a friend. it's old school, and by that i mean its fin and tail curve sizes and edges are slightly less than par, but for now i'm happy to have something. i'll ride on monday once the weekend snow has all fallen and the families and albertans have gone back home.

also we've gotten a new roommate. jon is a ski instructor from sweden and also happens to be a near carbon copy of a friend from back home. everything down to height and appearance and personalities are very similar. if it weren't for the accent they could pass as the same person.

abrupt ending.

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