Thursday, May 15, 2008

Day 5

the mountain trip didn't happen today. tim was scheduled to kitchen duty and i got lost from early morning til right before dinner in books and music. i found a keyboard today too. nobody is really around up there and i just now got back again from the empty room of dark echoes.

since today was a day off, i went to my spot on the pier for a few hours with some books and made it to chapter eight in blue like jazz. i had bought a survival book the night before i left illinois. i regarded it as the best choice from the barnes and noble's offerings because of the seemingly quality range and validity of material that appeared as i flipped through the choices. after reading through most of it today, however, i've found that much of it is an outline of obvious information that's supplemented with solemn reminders that if such-and-such happens, you most likely die very soon. i put 'survive anything' down and fell asleep for a little at the top of this rocking pier and woke up to the consideration of thoreau's walden pond experience. this inspired me to work on some pre-conceived poetry such as the material seen under the blog site's title.

tonight after dinner we went into town and had some sort of bonding scavenger hunt where teams were made to use bananas to measure widths of outlined locations throughout a little shopping district. random stuff like that. kinda fun. sort of. the starbucks told me and another guy with our cameras that we could not take any pictures in the shop. corporations...

the first formal, yet not full-scale, camp begins tomorrow. family camp weekend. i won't have any kids to teach, but we'll begin video production mode. should be good.

also, i don't recommend the card game "killer bunnies." you don't even want to know.

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