Friday, February 27, 2009

Day 292

i spent some of the afternoon up in the stock room of the edge of the world snowboard shop. when i'd walked into the store i could hear the muffled crunching of electric guitar and i knew greg was in the jam room. his is the band that ours opens for on the weekend shows. we stood in the attic of snowboard boots stock and music gear and he told me about how he came about to open the store. one day this will have to be made into a documentary, i remind myself. he lent me a couple beatles books and i walked back through the slush to our house just across the street.

the annual fernie film festival is this weekend. our crew took up an entire row and from my seat i could see other artists/town acquaintances- there was a lady from the writer's guild and one of the jazz musicians from thursday nights at the brickhouse and a large group of ski/snowboard/mountain bike outdoor fanatics.

tonight a man who rowed for seventy eight days across the atlantic ocean stood at the front of the room to explain a little of his trip and to introduce the three segments of his videos. the room was in awe.

he told about fearing the thirty foot waves towards the middle of the journey and then showed his footage of the massive, rolling crashing water. other times dolphins scurried around the boat and once a massive whale glided underneath. incredible. i think everyone in the room wanted to meet the man afterwards.

tomorrow at six a.m. our band heads to kalispell, montana, for our first day in the studio. ep to come soon after.

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