Monday, February 23, 2009

Day 288

monday morning excited everyone. it had snowed overnight and the hitching point was crowded with flake-covered riders who propped their boards under their shoulder and held their thumbs towards the street.

but, in a typical monday fashion, the vibe of the fresh snow was destroyed by a late morning rain, reducing the entire snowfall to a grey slushie. slurpee.

paul's brother jared, the one who did the band photography the other night, is heading back to new zealand tomorrow. he's been here about a month.

after he leaves our house will be down to only six guys: the two kiwis shaun and paul, the swede jon, adam the australian, canadian tyler, and me.

talks of post-season plans are beginning to run rampant even though there's still over a solid month and a half left in the 'winter'.

time will tell.

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