Thursday, February 26, 2009

Day 291

today was perfect. so many of the elements of this adventure and life manifested themselves in this one afternoon.

it snowed deeply last night and we cruisined the mountain in powder that, in some places, was higher than knee-deep. ultimate. a clear afternoon. fir trees exhaling into and ice air. sun. my chest would have split wide open and lungs would have breathed its deepest and fullest manifestation of life and mountain air if this action were possible.

still, snowboarding in groups isn't something i like to do for long; i feel the same way about running. the presence of too many people reminds me of some sort of staggered marathon and, whether running on pavement or riding on powder, i like the solo speed and freedom of motion. me and the mountain.

after a few hours of shredding the pow alone i hitched back down into town to make food at home and chill with the boys who'd called sick to work. my a flannel shirt and a green and brown knit beanie has drawn the title 'granola' to my style. i like that. i loaded up a backpack of current reads and headed to mug shots where my friend jerri hooked me up with some chocolate milk from the other side of the counter. chocolate milk is a valued rarity for a janitor in a ski town. as i rummaged through the backpack on the black leather couch i realized that, even during past college semesters, i'd never had so many books in this bag.

people were shoveling their storefronts and cars were sloshing through the streets and i continued to the library downtown with a couple of apple fritters in hand.

all that had become so routine suddenly hit me afresh- the serious mountains. the fresh snow. the chill vibe of a tiny ski town. the apple fritters. this life. inspiration. this freedom.

i'm so thankful.

so thankful.


thank you.

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