Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Day 276

the old men in the used bookstore were talking economy today. health insurance. problems. they felt forgotten- like their generation has been left behind in this sudden turn of the world. that's as much as i could gather as i browsed the mothy shelves this second day in a row. an hour later i walked out with some good finds. buying books as a traveler is an ultimate curse though. thankfully they were cheap.

the rest had gone snowboarding and i volunteered to sit today out so that the free passes could be shared easily. instead of riding a board i put some gas in a car and drove through whitefish and down to kalispell- mostly to feel new again in a new environment. i bought the bagel/banana combo for lunch again and its still under a dollar here in the usa. i went to the coffee shop in the wild west decorated downtown. tall storefronts. stained wood panels. brick. a silver bearded man in a cowboy hat and a white yukon crossed my path as i crossed the street into the coffee shop. montana.

if you're looking for some new and free indie music, the industry has finally done a righteous and well-worth favor to indie label fans by providing this website. i was excited to find special recordings of some favorite indie artists here. check some of them out if you wish.

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