Saturday, July 5, 2008

Day 56

i didn't set my alarm after rolling into bed last night. today was a sleep-in and somehow i managed to roll over exactly at 11:29. perfect. one minute until brunch. the rest of the day flew by as it usually does when waking up and lunch are back-to-back activities.

a new flood of campers arrived today. i don't have starwood dv to teach this week because the kids are pre-junior high ages eight to eleven so i'll be doing my regular video shooting and editing flow and, apparently, will also be running the basketball court during the mornings. i can dig that.

eight years ago, give or take, i was one of these kids. in fact, i think i saw myself today, then. skinny, long, and glasses. if i see him again, i might dedicate more time in a post to contrast the time i was much like the guy. we'll see.

i've been listening to a lot of jack johnson today in my office. i joined his fan club during a spare moment and selected 'global climate change' as my biggest ecological concern. apparently you had to choose one of the handful of issues. haha i don't know why i did. i did learn that jack johnson graduated college as a film maker.

1 comment:

rosalie said...

joining into a fan club would mean to me: being a member of countless xD

i like your blog with its simplicity, pure and clarity. maybe it's because of i miss this way of life somehow everytime, the total liberty like christopher mccandless is living in 'into the wild'.

and concerning jack johnson: in these days i've been stuck on 'kings of convenience' and i've just found out that there are some songs they sing with the incredible 'feist' ;) live and learn.. :P