Sunday, July 6, 2008

Day 57

there's a whole new scenery and vibe with the junior kids. they move more, scream and laugh more, and seem to take contentment in recognizing one another by name. their mannerisms are kind of like an easy song that transposes from light laughter and high voices to smiles and awkward running.

i ran the basketball court in the morning today. the hours went by quickly and i got to meet and shoot hoops with a lot of the kids. a couple of them were more talkative than others and one guy named lucas promised to tell me how his adventure that would happen after lunch on the challenge course had gone. i look forward to seeing him, possibly on the courts again tomorrow, to hear about it.

i spent the afternoon getting video for daily highlights and the weekly dvd. i rode on the back of the speedboats and captured the campers riding the tubes and the other massive inflated rides across the waters and currents. i played harmonica again for the same song as before in q-town. now i'm going to get a few shots of the fireside meeting and call it a day.

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