Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Day 80

despite shooting in the rain and a sudden wave of sickness and pinkeye among staff, today was smooth. grey clouds hid salt spring island for most of the day and everybody's footsteps squished in soggy earth. some days must be dark and dreary. between the massive jellyfish at the beach and sticking around the office to capture and edit highlights for tomorrow, it's all been good.

i started packing today, as well, because tomorrow we run one more q-town and show the highlights i made tonight and then after lunch i am out of here. on the way in to canada, i remember guessing that i'd be here for eighty days. now, halfway through the summer of weekly camps and twice removed from forty days of advance crew, i see and appreciate the balance even the numbers have achieved. now tomorrow i leave to take this valuable time away and come back refreshed. i'm looking forward to reaching day one hundred.

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