Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Day 53

some of last night's excitement was still alive as i went to the office this morning. today was 'wide-eyed and liquified,' so the morning's games were all water-related and were held on the field. this included a massive, blue tarp with suds and a fire hose. i took the 'epic camera housing,' a waterproof video camera holder, out to the field. for forty minutes, i went down the sweet slip-n-slide with the kids and held the heavy plastic cylinder to get awesome footage. this also included jumping into the middle of several water games to capture the action and reactions and everything else that crazy, wet, hyper campers decide to do during a water frenzy. everyone loves the camera man in a game with water guns.

after lunch, i found that one of the other video guys wasn't too thrilled about going to the top of the double zip-line to do the 'exclusive speaker rap-up interview' that's gonna be put on the week's dvd. this sounded exciting to me, so i tied the camera to my neck and got geared up with randy the speaker. we sat perched with our legs hanging off the top of the zip-line tower and he talked to the camera. after saying 'dare to soar' for the last time, we both jumped off the ledge. it was kind of intense to jump after him because both of my hands were steadying the camera as we whizzed down, so i kind of leaned and fell. it was almost surreal.

tonight after q-town there was a special music concert by the band. during the show ryan was doing live video mixing from our balcony office, nick was running the dv7 and doing some shooting, little kim stepped in to help run sound, and i was doing lights and some short powerpoint. i'm starting to enjoy controlling and selecting spots and locations and was able to execute the songs' requirements. other than that, it was a free-will show. the little buttons made me miss piano though.

i promise i'm not trying to becoming a media-minded person. i never wanted to learn tech-talk, but i think i still might be learning some. its all good. i like my position and the opportunities it includes to participate on both sides of a staff position. camper interactions and staff operations and video productions are all valuable and exciting to me.

"there's excitement, adventure, friends, and a lot of good stuff i only had glimpses of during school or baseball or whatever. i do miss going to bookstores and holding actual, breathing books and the computer screen gets old, but other than that, the mountains and ocean and everything are good. cabin #19 all drew pictures for my office."

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