Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Day 74

aside from teaching video during the afternoon activities, the shooting aspect has remained fun as well. during games, kids that are already excited about the adventure of running around in the bushes are even happier to entertain and go on secret missions with the cameraman. i found out the other day that one boy flew straight from germany for this one week of camp. another two arrived on a sea plane that came and docked at the beach.

after three and a half weeks of seriously consistent sunshiny, warm days, there was a refreshing chill in the air for most of the day that encouraged most of us to wear jeans and, as soon as the sun was about over the trees, hoodies. pretty perfect.

there was an interesting moment during our media meeting today. at a place like camp, ages aren't really discussed and are actually kind of hard to decipher. some people thought i was twenty-four. really? they mentioned the beard. the other video guys are both twenty-two. that makes me the young one. i never would have guessed and i guess we really never talked about it.

tomorrow night is the concert. the band plays a separate show after the nightly q-town and i'm really looking forward to doing the light show to go with the music and beats and songs.